You might have heard us talk about how to 'Prep Like a Boss' but, in order to prepare well, you need to get the planning spot on too.

Did you know that one study found that 91% of people who planned their workouts and wrote down when and where they intended to do them ended up following through. So it's time to get planning!

Why is planning important? 🗒

Let's dig a bit deeper into the benefits of planning:

1. It saves time

Taking a little bit of time to make a plan can save you a lot of time and effort throughout the course of the week. You'll spend less time on day-to-day decisions and it'll help avoid unnecessary 'top up' trips to the shop.

2. It holds you accountable

By creating a plan to refer back to, you're far more likely to take action and stick to your plan. Try blocking time in your diary for cooking or workouts (in the same way you would for appointments) to make it feel non-negotiable.

3. It helps you feel in control

Everyone loves to feel that they're in control. Going through the motions of planning helps you feel like you're in control and in charge, which you are - you're the boss!

3 easy steps for planning food 🧑🏽‍🍳

Follow these steps and you'll be a planning like a boss in no time:

1. Get the planner out

Plan out your 3 meals and 2 snacks for every day of the week. It will help you stay on top of your nutrition goals and stop you needing to grab unhealthy fast food on the go. Think about recipes you can batch cook and prep in advance to save planning multiple different meals. Use the in-app planner on The Body Coach app or a printable planner to stick on your fridge (keep scrolling 😉).

Top tip: Select recipes that you're excited to cook, that way you're far more likely to commit and stick to your plan.

2. Hit the supermarket

Once you've made a plan, you're ready to hit the shops and stock up on any ingredients you need for the week. This will save you time as you won't need to nip to the shops every day, and shopping to a list is a great money saver - think less food waste and less extras you don't need.

3. Up your tupperware game

Get ahead and prep some meals for the week. Batch cook some delicious food that you can stick in the freezer or enjoy over the next few days. If you don't fancy cooking, even preparing and chopping fresh ingredients for your chosen recipes can really help, so load up your tupperware... and don't forget the smaller tubs for your snacks.

Top tips for planning workouts 🏃🏽‍♀️

1. Make it achievable

Set yourself an achievable number of workouts to complete that week. Schedule them across your week to suit you and your other commitments. And don't worry if you miss a workout, life happens. Just get back on track as soon as you can.

2. Keep it varied

Choose workouts you enjoy and mix up your training to keep things interesting. You will quickly find the styles and workouts you love doing, so add those to your plan to help motivate yourself to keep moving.

Top tip: All movement is good. It doesn't have to be hardcore workouts all the time. Try walking, swimming, gym classes, cycling, etc.

3. Make sure you rest

It's equally as important to plan your rest days for the week, they are key for progress. Make sure you have at least two rest days a week. You can either plan them between your workouts or save them for the weekend, or when you know you're super busy with other life events.

📲 Planning is easy on The Body Coach App

1. The planner tab

Use the planner tab on the app. Take some time out at the end of your week to plan in the app when you're training, what workouts you're doing, and what tasty meals will fuel your active week ahead.

2. The shopping list feature

The shopping list feature makes bringing your plan to life so much easier. Simply fill in your weekly planner with recipes you love, and then export your ready-made shopping list. It's that simple.

3. Then you can 'Prep Like a Boss'

With the planning and shopping done, you're ready to get prepping. Allocate time out in your week to get ahead with your meal preparation and you will thank yourself later, when meal time is quick, easy and nutritious

Drum roll please 🥁...

Why not get our free printable planner to make your planning even easier?

Let's do this!

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