'Challenges' on The Body Coach App

Challenges are here! Whether you want help starting, getting back on track or firing up your workouts, there's a challenge to help you every step of the way.

Unlock new workouts each week, track your progress and earn badges... plus you'll get a selection of tasty, tailored recipes alongside your workout programme to help you smash your goals.

🙏🏼 'Get Back On It' Challenge:

This 28-day challenge is designed to get you back on track if you've struggled to keep up with exercise recently.

Over 4 weeks, you'll train along with Joe and build up your fitness with new quick, bodyweight workouts each week to create a training routine that sticks.

Join the challenge and feel re-inspired, energised and motivated to get back on track, and in the right mindset to smash your goals.

👌🏼 '14-Day Feel Good' Challenge:

Do you want to release stress, remove negative feelings and feel amazing? This 14-day challenge is the one for you. It's all about moving your body to boost your mood, lift your energy and get you feeling more positive.

Joe will guide you through four fun workouts each week, lasting just 20 minutes, and you don't need any equipment either.

Press play and you'll be left feeling motivated, inspired and energised!

😃 'Ultimate Beginner' Challenge:

This 28-day challenge is perfect for anyone who is brand new to fitness or coming back after a break.

Joe will help you get started and coach you through short, low-impact workouts so you feel fitter, more confident and ready to start your fitness journey.

Take the first steps to improve your fitness and grow the confidence to continue on your journey.

🤩 '4-Week Abs' Challenge:

This 4-week challenge with Joe will seriously fire up your core.

Build stronger abs with 3 short workouts every week on top of your cycle workouts.

These workouts make the perfect finisher and will boost your strength even further.

Will you complete all 12 workouts?

💪🏼 'Strength Week' Challenge:

This 7-day challenge is here to take your strength to the next level.

Joe will take you through 5 strength workouts in 7 days, each focusing on different muscle groups. There are no timers or high intensity work sets, the focus is lifting heavy with good form and control.

Get ready to make some serious gains and feel amazing with this muscle building challenge.

🔥 'Hell Week' Challenge:

This 7-day, advanced challenge is designed to put your fitness to the test.

Join India and you'll smash 7 workouts in 7 days, featuring a mix of intense strength and cardio sessions.

If you're looking to fire up your fitness, improve your strength and stamina, this one is for you!

P.S. We have more exciting Challenges coming to The Body Coach app soon... Stay tuned!

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