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"I wouldn't be without exercise. Now, if you'd said that to me two years ago, I'd have been laughing at you going 'what are you talking about? I won't even run for the bus' you know, that kind of thing. But a lot of that came from a place of insecurity and fear of it. And this has taken all that fear away because it's so easy to follow.

I started my journey with The Body Coach app in July 2021. It's fair to say I was in a bit of denial about just how unfit I had got. I've tried every diet under the sun over the years and I think that's why I love this because it's not restrictive in the way that they were. And it's the longest I've ever stuck to anything.

The app has really allowed me to have structure and have a much healthier relationship with food that we definitely didn't have before. We were eating takeaways as normal. We were just completely out of touch with eating healthily. My husband was the fussiest eater I've ever met and is now eating vegetables, which is unbelievable. And I've seen him eat salmon and tuna. When I first met him, it was carrots and pasta and that was about all he was eating and beige... he loves beige food. So it's, it's completely revolutionised how we eat at home.

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Weight wise, I've lost about 3.5 stone, but I think it's about nine inches off my waist. My husband's lost 11.5 inches. It's a huge difference. But it's more than just the physical stuff. I'm just in a better place mentally and just happier.

It's also given me the confidence to try new things like running, I joined a running club. I wouldn't even go outside to exercise in front of other people, it was always at home. I know what I'm capable of, I just need to go out there and it gave me that confidence boost to go and just try.

I also love that my kids get to see me doing these things because whether they know it or not, it's planting a seed and I hope that they will go out and do these things as they get older and they'll just automatically have a confidence to do it because they've seen me do it. That's what I hope."

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