Focus on the Little Wins

If you are really overweight or unfit, the thought of trying to lose it all and get back into shape can feel really overwhelming. Your goals can start to feel so far away and unobtainable that it can stop you from actually starting your journey.

But try to just focus on today. Can you be more active today? Can you move your body for just 20 minutes? Can you make one healthy meal? Can you swap one fizzy drink or beer for a glass of water instead? Can you get to bed an hour, or even 30 minutes earlier?

When you start to focus on the present day and you win some of these small decisions, it all starts to feel much more manageable. These little wins all add up. When you go to bed knowing you've had a few little wins, you'll feel proud and more motivated to have another positive day tomorrow.

All big journeys start with small steps.

You've got this.

Love Joe x

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