There are two main types of messages that people send me on social media; one is from people that have done my 90 Day Plan, my YouTube workouts, or read my books and they're feel really great – they're achieving their goals and they feel amazing. The second type is from people that are confused and fed up, people who are sick and tired of doing diets and not getting results and never having the motivation to ever stick to anything. So I'm going to talk a little bit about my philosophy and what I really believe you need to do to change the way that you look and feel, and to make something stick.

The most common barrier that I hear from people is, "I haven't got time to exercise. There's no way I can fit it in to my week with my current lifestyle and I haven't got time to cook healthy food." This is one thing that a lot of people will tell themselves, but it's the first thing that needs to change – the mindset, the limiting belief that you can't fit it into your life. Once you remove this idea and you open up your mindset and tell yourself "I can, and I will make the changes', that's when you're going to have success.

The second most common question I get is around motivation. People will tell me “Joe, I want to make changes, I really do, but I lack the motivation. I just give up, I never get results. I do a diet, I do fasting, I do keto, I don't enjoy exercise, I just can't make it fit into my life."

Motivation is a massive problem for many people, but this is the truth about motivation. If you are someone who lacks motivation and you know that about yourself, you cannot wait around for the day to come where you just wake up and you suddenly feel super motivated – because it may never come. What will make the difference is you taking ACTION.

What I mean by that is committing to action by saying, “Today I'm going to get up and do 15 minutes of exercise." Whether it's a YouTube video, going for a walk, doing a cycle, whatever it may be. That simple action where you've told yourself you're going to do it; you commit to it and you finish it. You're going to have a massive sense of self-achievement, you're going to have more energy, it's going to pick up your mood and that's going to be the catalyst that you need to get motivated for the rest of the week.

Most people take the view that motivation leads to action. But I believe it's the opposite.

Action leads to motivation. And that leads to more motivation.

So set yourself a goal for tomorrow, and even when your mind is giving you excuses not to follow through, get it done and see how you feel afterwards.

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