It's all about momentum

What I've learnt about myself is that it's all about momentum. Sometimes I have positive momentum where I'm eating well, going to bed early, I've got my routine and I'm exercising. And then I have times where I slip the other way with late nights, boozing, stag dos, weddings and staying up til midnight in the kitchen raiding the cupboards. I'm being greedy, I'm eating rubbish.

It's important for me to share these things because even someone like myself who loves healthy food, loves cooking and loves exercise, still has a wobble and a blow out now and then. I can binge and I over eat, and it's a habit that can stick and easily drag into a week or a month.

But I know I always want to get back to my healthy habits and feeling good and energised. Otherwise I feel bloated everyday with all the fizzy drinks, chocolate and processed food, and it has a massive negative effect on my body and my mood.

We often talk about how these types of foods make us feel rubbish physically; they can give us cramps and diarrhoea, make us bloated, and impact our sleep and energy. But junk or processed foods also massively affect how we feel and our mood. Our brain is linked to our gut and it can leave me in a low state, making me feel flat, grumpy and moody. And that's directly linked to what I'm eating.

Food is so powerful. It's medicine and it can really elevate and boost our mood and have the opposite effect. And that's the reason I always want to switch back to healthier food because I know I don’t want to feel like that everyday.

One thing I can do is continue to share free recipe ideas, free home workouts and inspiring stories to hopefully nudge you in the right direction to take the first step.

I understand. It's not easy. It never will be, but we've got to try.

Love, Joe x

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